The TrailMax™ Not-A-Knot™ Horse Packing System
Components of the Not-A-Knot System

During my many years building and supplying mule pack equipment and horse pack equipment, I have met many people who were completely intimidated by knots or lacked access to a packing class or an experienced packer. They always thought this meant they couldn't go packing. Although I certainly feel that knowing how to tie and use various knots is important, not knowing shouldn't prohibit someone from the enjoyment of horse back packing. So I designed the Not-A-Knot System™ Horse Packing System.

What's in the Not-A-Knot™ Horse Packing System?
The Not-A-Knot™ System is comprised of the professional grade components that we sell to many outfitters, park rangers and packing enthusiasts. The Not-A-Knot™ System includes: a set of our Ralide-West™ Panniers, Classic Decker Pack Saddle or Traditional Sawbuck Pack Saddle, TrailMax™ Top Pack and TrailMax™ Wool Fleece Pack Pad, which have all proven themselves under the harshest conditions. The Decker Not-A-Knot™ System also includes a set of Decker Hooks.

How To Use the TrailMax Not-A-Knot™ Systems
This system makes packing a full load so simple. Just saddle your animal with your pack saddle, hook or hang the panniers on your pack saddle and buckle the panniers to the pack cinch. Lay the top pack over the pack saddle and buckle it to the boxes. Once on, it is just like having a diamond hitch securing your load.

I usually pack at least one mule using the Not-A-Knot™ system. The boxes are very convenient for packing food, kitchen equipment, etc., while the top pack is used for lighter, softer gear like sleeping bags, duffels, tents, etc. When loaded, the boxes typically weigh about 80 lbs each and the top pack about 40-50 lbs. So you can easily pack a full load of 190-200 lbs with the Not-A-Knot™ Horse Packing System.

We originally designed the Not-A-Knot™ with just the Ralide-West™ HorsePac Panniers, but so many packers were wanting the ProPacs instead, that we have introduced the Not-A-Knot™ with Ralide-West™ ProPac Panniers as well. The rest of the components have remained the same and you still get your choice of colors, brown or orange, in both the top pack and panniers.

All of our Not-A-Knot™ Systems are professional horse pack and mule pack equipment that anyone can use.

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