Feedback from our past and current customers

Many of our customers have taken the time to send us letters and emails to let us know what they think of our products and service. We have reprinted their comments here for you. If you have purchased our products and would like to contribute your experiences, please feel free to email us with your comments. Feedback from our customers is very important to us.

  • I received my order yesterday, thank you so much for the fabulous products, I was like a kid at Christmas opening the parcels. I am extremely happy with the quality of the items sent, the speedy service and the packaging. Thanks again and I'm looking forward to heading up the trail!
    - Tania K, Australia
  • The Saddlebags arrived yesterday, only a day after I ordered them. Perfect! Nice long straps for attaching to endurance saddle. Thanks much!
    - Jill C, Springdale WA
  • I would like to comment on the excellent customer service you have practiced with me on getting this right for me and more importantly my mule. Well done! I will recommend Outfitters Supply at every opportunity.
  • I was really impressed with the design, quality and functionality of your equipment. I must tell you, I visited countless Outfitter sites on the web before finally deciding on your trail riding gear. Your site reflects the high standard set for service and information which makes reaching informed decisions easy.
    - Ian O, South Africa
  • I am in the business of customer service so I recognize it in all you have done to assist me. Very good customer service and know that I will do business again with Outfitters Supply because of your immediate responses and excellent service.
    - Kate R, California
  • Thanks a bunch for an awesome product! You guys have great customer service too!!
    - Kirby S, OR

Trail Saddles

"I wanted to let you know how DELIGHTED I am with the Circle Y Omaha Flex 2 saddle you recommended to me. We put the Circle Y saddle on him, and INSTANTLY I saw that it fit his shoulders WONDERFULLY. I didn't even need an expert to see what I was seeing! This was the NINTH saddle I have had on my horse trying to find him one that fit properly and didn't pinch his shoulders, especially since he's a Rocky Mountain gaited horse. I gave YOU all the credit and told everyone that we talked for about 30 minutes and I asked all kinds of questions and we went over a bunch of saddles and you told me why you didn't think each of those saddles would work and why you were recommending the Omaha Circle Y saddle to me. I trusted you on that and that was the best decision I have made so far!! So, THANK YOU!"
- Tami A, Houston TX

"I received my new Tucker saddle end of June and I must tell you how wonderful it is. It is extremely comfortable and fits my walking horse just perfect. The saddle fit for me is also great. I am now a more relaxed rider as I feel quite secure in this saddle and I think the horse is also more relaxed as I don't always have to be shifting to keep the saddle straight. Hope to enjoy many more trail rides! Thanks and have a great summer!"
—Melva K., Saskatoon, SK

"As an outfitter in the Bob Marshall Wilderness complex, I highly recommend the Crates Mountain Ranch Trail Saddle. It provides comfort and durability for rider and mount alike. Mine averages a thousand miles a season. I have tested it on some of the toughest trails the wilderness has to offer. In fact, it’s the saddle I ride."
—Sean Little, Snowy Springs Outfitters

"I had been looking on the internet for a trail saddle. I had determined that I wanted a Tucker Trail Saddle and found your web-site. I called to ask some questions. What a wonderful experience it was to do business with your company. Bethanie took the time to help me figure out what I needed. She was never pushy, just offered me options and helped guide me to the right choices so I can have a great riding experience. Besides, she listened while I gushed about the horse I have just purchased. She also listened about an old injury that I have and what saddle would give me the best ride. This day and age, it is difficult to find good customer service. Stores are chains and don't need to extend that extra effort yours did. I will, with pleasure, give the name of your business to all who ask when they see my new saddle. I grew up riding and have longed to return. Thanks to your company, it will be a better experience."
—Sara C., Sioux City, IA

"I really enjoy getting your e-mail newsletter. It is very well done with accurate information. I have been around horses all my life, having been raised on a ranch, so I sorta' know what is right and what isn't. Our prayers and support go out to Bernice on her latest trip. Wish I was going with her. My wife really likes the saddle we bought from you last year and one of these days I may want to get a newer saddle so I will buy from you."
—Bob N., Bigfork, MT

Bow Scabbards, Rifle Scabbards and Western Saddle Bags

"The TrailMax™ Rifle Scabbard and the TrailMax™ Saddlebag System by Outfitters Supply™ are as rugged as the mountains in which I hunt and film trophy mule deer. I used the entire system while filming Magnum Mulies 2 to pack all of my video and hunting gear, as well as to pack out several deer. It is simply the best of its type on the market today. Needless to say, you will see the TrailMax™ Rifle Scabbard and the TrailMax™ Saddlebag System in my future video productions."
—David Long, Rock Creek Productions

"I’ve searched for many years for the quality of equipment I found at Outfitters Supply™. My TrailMax™ horn bags far exceeded my expectations and their customer service is the best."
—Nancy G., California

Van Hale at Trophy Outfitters in Springerville, AZ recommends the TrailMax™ Bow Scabbard to all of his archery clients. When Van packs into the Gila Mountains, he is hunting for some of the largest bulls in Arizona. Quality gear that he can depend on is a must.

Horse Packing Equipment

I received my order of packing equipment and was VERY PLEASED. High quality items. Thank you!
—Stan H., Clark, MO

"Hello. I just wanted to let you know I'm very impressed with your pack saddle system. Not being a trained packer, I borrowed this system from a friend of mine and used it to pack into the Cabinet's on a hunting trip last fall. My 13 year old son and I were able to have a great time in part due to the ease and reliability of your system. I had no idea how it went together until we loaded up at the trail head but it was simple. Thanks for helping us have a good time.

"I came to Montana to fulfill a dream, to ride from Canada to Mexico following the Continental Divide, with just one saddle horse and one pack horse. I had no knowledge about packing and after some research, I discover the Not-A-Knot System made by Russ Barnett of Outfitters Supply™. I am now using that system and I am completely satisfied with it. I find it easy to work with, strong, durable and safe. It rides well on my horse, who carries it daily, often for 20 or so miles. I strongly recommend the Not-A-Knot System to anyone."
—Joanne C., Staffordshire, England

Dear Bethanie and the Outfitters Supply™ Team —
"My order arrived in perfect condition and I opened the box with high anticipation last weekend. I am more than satisfied; I am delighted! Any supplier can claim, "...large selection of well made, high quality products at prices you can afford." While you folks just say it, though, you MEAN it, and I am so happy that I ordered from your firm. Bethanie provided excellent service in quizzing me about how I intend to use this gear, and the level of my experience with pack-tack. She helped me choose items that would assemble into a working rig that is easy on the eyes, too. Bravo, Bethanie! My mare had never worn a pack rig until Sunday, but the rolled edges of the breastplate and britchin', and the quality of the latigo leathers made the introduction comfortable for her. She settled into the new tack without a fuss. I am very grateful to Bethanie for her practical advice, to your saddle-makers for their skill and care, and to Russ for offering prices I could afford."
—A.A. Oakdale, CA

Western Chaps

"I received outstanding customer service from Outfitters Supply™ while ordering my custom-sized chinks and absolutely LOVE them! The quality is excellent and they’re even prettier than I expected."
—Ingrid M., CA

"I can’t tell you how happy I am with my new Shotgun Chaps. Not only do they look great, but they keep me warm, dry and clean. They’ve solved problems I didn’t even know I had."
—Vicki T., Recreational Trail Rider

"My chinks are both classy and functional. The high quality leather used is soft, yet durable, requiring no ‘breaking-in’. The tooling, design and customization have received many compliments in both the arena and on the trail."
—Annie B., Trail Rider and Team Penner

"I don't know how you did it, but you beat your promised (rush) delivery date by a whole week. We received the Deluxe Chink Chaps for my son today (6/4), as well as the mailed receipt promising them by 6/10. They are beautiful, and we're delighted to have them in advance for our trip next week to Montana. Thank you very much for following through on your promise to make it happen for us."
—Eric R., San Francisco, CA

Wall Tents

"I have been interested in purchasing a custom made wall tent and have researched several companies both locally and over the internet. I have also made personal visits to several companies locally here in Nashville, TN. Much to my surprise, the local companies had NO interest whatsoever in customizing my wall tent. One particular company rudely told me what they were going to make, and how they were going to do things, without any consideration of my needs or making the tent that I wanted. They were not the least bit flexible in customizing my tent. Needless to say, I chose not to do business with them. After much frustration, I went back to the internet. I then decided as Outfitters Supply™ and Montana Canvas as one of choices. After several phone calls, price comparisons, workmanship, quality, and personal preferences, the final decision was a tent made by Montana Canvas through Outfitters Supply™. Before I placed the order, there were several questions that were of particular interest to me. I phoned your company in Columbia Falls, Montana, and had the opportunity to talk with Bethanie. She was very cordial and very knowledgeable about the tents and specific details. She was able to answer all of my questions with great enthusiasm. Her customer service skills were GREAT! She is a very kind and pleasant person to talk with over the phone. I am extremely impressed with the customer service and her willingness to help. I just want to inform OS how pleased that I am with your company, your customer service and your employees. Please pass on a thanks to Bethanie on a job well done. Happy Hunting!"
—Jeff G., Nashville, TN.

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