Tucker Saddles: Saddle Fitting Secrets

What is the secret of a good fitting saddle? The answer is simple, a good fitting tree. That might sound oversimplified, but the fact is that the tree is simply the key to a saddle that fits properly.

What is required for this to be successful?

  1. A saddle tree with bars that have enough twist and bend to contact the horse along the middle section. Tucker Saddle trees were designed with years of combined experience and study. The trees are carved out of an extra large piece of wood, so that the twist and bed are adequate to provide continual surface contact through the middle section of the horse.
  2. A saddle tree with bars that have enough flare to free the horse to move in the shoulder and hip. With the Equi-balanced saddle tree Tucker has accomplished both of these objectives. Tucker Saddles are designed with a bar flare to accommodate the motion of a horse’s shoulder. Many gaited horses need this accommodation and other breeds will appreciate this freedom of movement as well. Heavy shouldered Quarter Horses benefit greatly.
  3. A saddle with a tree width wide enough to accommodate the conformation of the horse’s withers and back. Tucker Saddles, with the exception of the Trooper style saddles, come in at least two tree widths: a medium tree that fits most horses with a defined set of withers, and a wide tree that will fit broader and flatter withered horses. Several models are now offered with an extra wide tree that will fit drafts, draft crosses and especially wide foundation type of horses in other breeds. They have also added a Mule Saddle to their lineup, and a few western style Tucker saddles are offered with a mule bar as well. The mule tree has very flat bars with little flare on the ends to better fit a flat, wide backed animal with little to no wither or hip definition.

Tucker Saddlery has designed its Equi-balanced saddle tree to fit a broad range of breeds and types of horses. Usually fitting your horse properly is only a matter of choosing the correct tree width. For the best results, we suggest you send a set of patterns and photos as shown in Measuring Your Horse. These measurements will be forwarded to Tucker Saddles with your order for analysis.

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