Wall Tent Frames by Montana Canvas Offer Easy Set Up with a Perfect Fit

The design of wall tent frames by Montana Canvas drastically reduces the set-up time and enables one person to do the job alone. This internal, freestanding wall tent frame design provides excellent structural integrity, while allowing Montana Canvas Interior Free-standing Wall Tent Framemaximum open space within the wall tent. The ridge, rafter and side poles of the frame are constructed of rugged, lightweight, hardened aircraft aluminum. The poles are 1-3/8" round except the 18x23 tent frame, which has 1-5/8" round poles. The joints have push buttons to lock in the poles. The two or three piece poles have slip-joints for easy one person setup. These frames are designed to only fit Montana Canvas tents.

All wall tent frames are shipped in their own vinyl storage bag. The longest piece on standard wall tent frames is 5 feet. If you will be packing your wall tent to your camp site, you might be interested in the pack frame. With the pack frame, longer sections of the frame have been cut such that no piece is longer than 40”. Please note that the pack frame is up to 7% heavier.

This same freestanding wall tent frame design is also available for your cook shack and porch in both standard and pack frame styles.

Setting up your wall tent frame. For any tent without a floor, set up the roof portion of the wall tent frame. Either drape your tent over the roof or, if you have rolled your tent, unroll it along the ridge pole and then lay the sides down. Then, from inside the tent, attach your wall poles, first one side then the other. For any wall tent with a sewn-in floor, you will need to set up the roof portion and then attach the wall poles of the wall tent frame from inside the tent. Consequently, we strongly recommend that you order a back door for any tent needing a sewn-in floor.

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