Montana Canvas Wall Tent Options for Customizing your Wall Tent

Montana Canvas Tent Company offers you the ability to completely customize your canvas, relite or blend wall tent to meet your specific needs. Below we have outlined the available options to help you make informed decisions about the design of your new wall tent.

Montana Canvas Wall Tent Stove JackSTOVE JACK
All Montana Canvas wall tents come standard with a stove jack of 4", 5" or 6" opening. The stove jack is a classic silicon military style with a rubber ring inside an 18” x 18” piece of fire proof material. For your safety, the stove jack is engineered to withstand the extremely high temperatures associated with use of a single wall stove pipe. The 4” stove jack is available only in round. The 5” and 6” stove jacks come standard in an oval shape. A Velcro storm flap rolls down to cover the opening when not in use.


Sewn-in floor: Wall Tents with sewn-in floors are a must in certain geographical areas. They are ideal for Montana Canvas Wall Tent Floorpeople who want or need to have a tight, secure seal all around their tent. Made of durable 10 oz. white laminated vinyl for strength and ease of cleaning, the sewn-in floor is design with a lip to keep the rain out. Wall tents constructed of Relite fabric will have a floor also constructed of Relite. For safety, sewn-in floors are specially designed with a 5' x 5' zip-out area to accommodate a stove. When ordering a wall tent with a sewn-in floor, we very strongly recommend ordering a back door, especially if using an internal frame. The back door greatly facilitates the set up of the Wall Tent and frame.

Separate stake out floor: Made of durable 10 oz. laminated vinyl, Montana Canvas Wall Tent floors stay put where you want them and lift easily for clean up. The banded edges provide additional strength and tough metal grommets offer a secure base for staking the floor to the ground. The floors come equipped with a 5’ x 5’ cut-out to accommodate a stove.

Montana Canvas Wall Tent FlyFLY
Why do I need a Wall Tent fly?

  1. It further shields you against rain and snow by protecting the roof of your wall tent from the elements and extending the dripline an additional 12” from the sides of the Wall Tent so that precipitation will not run down the walls of the tent.
  2. It helps insulate your tent by preventing heat from escaping through the roof.
  3. It protects the roof of your wall tent against damaging ultraviolet rays, as well as interior condensation.
  4. A fly can keep a canvas tent much drier. A wet canvas tent weighs more and will take longer to dry out when you get home.

Why buy a Montana Canvas Wall Tent Fly?

  1. Montana Canvas Wall Tent flies are made from Relite fabric, which makes them lightweight, less bulky and quiet.
  2. They are designed specifically for your tent with a cut out for the stove jack to match your tent.
  3. They have reinforced seams and grommets along the edges for staking the fly out.
  4. Montana Canvas Wall Tent flies are available in white, tan or spring green.

Regardless of the size of your tent, style of your tent or material of your tent, we strongly recommend using a fly.

Montana Canvas Wall Tent WindowWINDOW
The 24” x 30” zippered screen window is the most popular addition to a basic Wall Tent and one whose value far exceeds the cost. Generally placed opposite a door or another window, the screen window gives you the ability to catch a cross breeze and ventilate your Wall Tent. This is especially useful not only when the weather is warm, but also in winter if the Wall Tent gets overheated, the stove gets smoky or if you are drying a lot of wet clothes.

Montana Canvas Wall Tent Screen DoorSCREEN DOOR
The screen door is another very popular wall tent option. Made of the same fine quality mesh as the screen window, the door provides you with added ventilation and light in fair weather camping without additions to your camping party -- pesky insects. When not in use, simply pull each side back and secure in the corners with the straps provided. In a Wall Tent with a sewn-in floor, the screen door has an added zipper along the floor.

GUN & BOW RACKSMontana Canvas Wall Tent Gun Rack
Montana Canvas Wall Tent Bow RackTo help you organize your wall tent and take care of your expensive equipment, Montana Canvas offers gun and bow racks for your wall tents. Gun racks can either be sewn-in or detachable. Sewn-in racks can be sewn onto the inside or the outside of the Wall Tent. The detachable gun rack is ideal for Wall Tents with an internal frame, because it can be attached to the frame itself. The gun rack will hold up to six rifles securely against the tent wall. The bow rack can accommodate up to three bows and is only available in the detachable style, therefore requiring an internal frame.

The design of the Montana Canvas internal, freestanding Wall Tent frame provides excellent structural integrity, while allowing maximum open space within the wall tent. It also drastically reduces the set-up time and enables one person to do the job alone. All frame poles are constructed of rugged, lightweight, hardened aircraft aluminum, while the joint brackets are made of galvanized steel.

Montana Canvas Wall Tent Free-standing Internal Frame

The longest piece on standard wall tent frames is 5 feet. If you will be packing your wall tent and frame to your camp site on a horse, mule or ATV, you might be better served by a pack frame. The longest piece on pack frame is 40”. This same freestanding wall tent frame design is also available for your cook shack and porch in both standard and pack frame styles. All Montana Canvas wall tent frames are shipped in their own vinyl storage bag.

Wall tent frame set-up. If your wall tent does not have a sewn-in floor, simply set up the roof portion of the frame, drape your Wall Tent over the roof and then, from the inside, attach your wall poles, flipping the sod cloth to the inside or outside as desired. If your Wall Tent is equipped with a sewn-in floor, all frame set up must be done from inside the Wall Tent. As with the floorless Wall Tent, set up the roof portion first and then attach the wall poles. Once again, we strongly recommend that you order a back door for any Wall Tent with a sewn-in floor.

PORCHESMontana Canvas Wall Tent Porch
If you have outgrown your wall tent or just crave more space for organization and privacy, the Wall Tent Porch makes an excellent addition. Made to the width of your current Wall Tent, the Montana Canvas wall tent porch instantly adds 10 feet of space onto the front of your Wall Tent. This space can be used for eating, storage or as a mudroom. The porch is available in Canvas, Relite or Montana Blend and designed with a screened front. The porch is connected to your wall tent by a flap of material from the porch that lies over the Wall Tent roof and is secured with ropes and stakes at the eave. Porch frames are of the same internal, freestanding design as the wall tent frame.

Montana Canvas Wall Tent CookshackProfessional guides and growing families share a common dilemma. Both can easily outgrow their camp set-up. Adding a Montana Canvas cook shack is an ideal way to increase the size of your camp without starting over and can create separate cooking and sleeping areas for greater camping comfort. The cook shack overlaps your wall tent and instantly adds a full 12 feet in length. The Wall Tent Cook Shack is designed with a storm door to which you can add a screen door if you want to make a four season addition. Available in Canvas, Relite or Montana Blend, the cook shack comes standard with stove jack with flap. Cook shack frames are of the same internal, freestanding design as the wall tent.

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