Western Chaps: Shotgun Chaps and Chinks

Western chaps come in two distinct styles:Shotgun Chaps and Chinks. Each type of western chaps has characteristics that may make one style better suited to your needs. Regardless of the style you choose, you can be assured that all of our chaps are handmade from beautiful, supple leather that will last a lifetime with the proper care.

Outfitters Supply Deluxe Shotgun Chaps

Shotgun Western Chaps
Shotgun western chaps are full length, completely covering your leg from upper thigh to heel. They are secured down each side with a full length brass zipper. Shotgun chaps provide you with full protection from inclement weather, trees and brush. They are typically preferred by cowboys and trail riders in cooler climates, in areas where brush thickets are dense and potentially damaging or in areas highly populated with rattlesnakes. Shotgun chaps also give the rider a little more grip in the saddle, providing some added security.

Outfitters Supply Chinks Style Western ChapsChinks Style Western Chaps
Western chinks are a style of chaps generally preferred by people in warm climates or by those needing to perform tasks requiring upper leg protection and greater freedom of movement, such a fence repair, shoeing or branding. Chinks are slightly-below-knee length chaps and typically fringed. They are generally secured behind your upper thigh by buckles and straps. Chinks leave your lower leg free, allowing you to easily bend and kneel. They do protect the rider's leg from precipitation while seated in the saddle, and water will usually run off the fringe, keeping even most of the the lower leg dry.

Basic Western Chaps and Chinks
We offer shotgun chaps and chinks in basic and deluxe styles. Basic western cowboy chaps are made from 5-6 ounce soft yet durable premium top grain chap leather. They come standard in light, medium or dark earthtone leg and belt colors. The back belt on our Basic chaps is made from doubled and stitched chap leather laced on in V-braid fashion. The Basic Chinks chaps have 6” fringe and two buckling straps secured by ties through slotted conchos.

Deluxe Western Chaps and Chinks
Deluxe chaps and chinks are made from 5-6 ounce premium top grain chap leather. The back belt on our Deluxe western chaps is made from rolled and stitched chap leather which is laced on in V-braid fashion. Deluxe Chinks western chaps have 6” fringe and three buckling straps secured by the three conchos on the side shield. Deluxe chaps are completely customizable, so you can make them uniquely your own. You have your choice of color: chocolate, rust, black, white or buckskin. You have your choice of a plain top yoke and side yoke in the colors listed above or three tooled styles of each yoke. And lastly, you may choose from several styles of concho for the side shield.

Regardless which style of western chaps you choose, you will receive comfortable, durable and stylish protection. You will wonder how you ever got along without a pair.