Leather Saddle Strings, 6' (72") minimum length

Leather Saddle Strings, 6' (72
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Detailed Description

Our 6' leather saddle strings are made from premium burgundy or black latigo leather. The leather has a firm feel, but is supple and of good lacing weight. Strings are 72" long x 1/2" wide.

Latigo saddle strings are the long, narrow leather straps that hang off the side of a western or endurance saddle in up to four locations on each side. Most commonly, they are located on the rear jockey (under the cantle), the top of the seat jockey (where the cantle joins the seat) and the front jockey. They are used to tie gear such as slickers, lariats, saddlebags, and canteens to the saddle.

The strings are most often fed through slotted conchos or dee rings, then tied using the slit-braid method: learn how to attach a saddle string using a slit braid.

Each string is sold individually

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