Packer's Field Manual

Packer's Field Manual
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Detailed Description

The Packer's Field Manual Featuring the Decker Pack Saddle

The purpose of this packing field manual is to provide "state-of-the-art" basic instruction in the art of mule and horse packing. It is presented in a "field manual" size book so it may be carried in a saddle bag or other convenient location to be readily available for easy reference. Although this manual emphasizes the Decker Style of packing, much of the information presented will apply to any packing technique.

This is not a "story book" but rather a source for specific information on equipment and techniques required for efficient mule and horse packing utilizing the Decker Packing Style. Special emphasis is given to Safety and Leave No Trace / Leave Only Tracks practices.

From Bob Hoverson:

"I was drawn into the world of packing years ago because I have always been an avid elk hunter.  One of my greatest pleasures in life is to assemble a hunting camp - tents, stoves, lanterns, cots, sleeping bags, tables, chairs, groceries, etc. - cargo it all up and pack it into a remote hunting camp for extended periods of time. I have adopted a philosophy of optimizing loads and minimizing the number of stock, while still having the most comfortable and environmentally compatible camp as possible.

"I have been fortunate in my life to have rubbed elbows with some of the very best packers, outfitters and stock handlers in the country. In this manual I will pass on to you numerous techniques and practices for safe and efficient mule and horse packing that I have acquired over more than twenty-five years of packing and camping in the back country of Montana and Idaho."

Bob Hoverson grew up in the farm and ranch country of north-central Montana. A horseback trip with his father and brother into the Bob Marshall Wilderness sparked within him an intense interest in stock use and stock supported back country travel, which ultimately led to a degree in Forestry (1972) from the University of Montana and a career with the U.S. Forest Service spanning over 10 years. He annually rides over 1,000 miles and packs over 100,000 pounds of equipment, supplies and materials into remote back country areas. He is a Master Instuctor of packing and Leave No Trace camping and stock use skills. In this book, Bob shares his vast experience and knowledge of proper theory, technique and equipment for safely and efficiently packing horses and mules in the Decker Packing Style.

Author: Bob Hoverson
Publisher: Stoneydale Press Publishing Company
Copyright: 2005
191 pages

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