TrailMax Guardian Rifle Scabbard Gun Case

TrailMax Guardian Rifle Scabbard Gun Case
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The TrailMax™ Guardian Rifle Scabbard Gun Case accommodates up to a 30 inch barrel and 56mm scopes. The rifle scabbard flap is designed to offer maximum protection with a zipper closure or for quick access with a side release buckle. This TrailMax rifle scabbard is constructed of a high-density, waterproof foam and shielded by a tough 600-denier polyester shell. While most products with a zipper can not be considered truly waterproof, the TrailMax Guardian Rifle Scabbard is as close to a waterproof rifle scabbard as you can find on the market today.

Heavy-duty straps allow you to secure the TrailMax Guardian Rifle Scabbard to any saddle or ATV. Inside we have included a drying towel to help you maintain your expensive equipment. Ammunition and other necessities can be carried in a handy pocket on the outside of the rifle scabbard. The TrailMax Guardian Rifle Scabbard can be used as a soft-sided gun case as well.

The TrailMax Guardian Rifle Scabbard measures 54 inches in overall length and 12 inches at the widest point. Colors: Brown, Orange, and the new TrailMax North Fork Camo.


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TrailMax Guardian 12/16/2019
These are an awesome rifle scabbard that is just what we were looking for. May have to replace some of my other cases with these.
- Mike Rosse, SD
Best Scabbard Available 9/2/2019
November 2018 found me once again hunting elk out of Soda Springs Idaho, this time was a gun hunt. I was carrying my Model 70 Alaskan in .338 Win. Mag. The country was beautiful and rugged. The last days in the mountains were occasioned with several feet of snow. At the end of the hunt my scabbard on the outside bore proof that horse, rider, and gear went there and back again and again. My rifle however showed no evidence of wear and tear, no rub marks, nothing. One of my horses went full rodeo one day, still the scabbard did itís job and did it well. OBTW, before I shot my elk, my laser range finder indicated the elk was in a meadow 450 yards away. My rifle was sighted in with a far zero of 300 yards. One shot later the 200 grain Winchester double lunged the elk and I watched it tumble down the meadow mountain side. After days on horseback my rifle was totally protected, always weather proof, and dead on. Iím now ordering another TrailMax for my .300 Win. Mag. Iíll be going back to Soda Springs again November 2019, I drew another tag!
Love it! 4/11/2019
Whole family uses this scabbard for rifle season on the horses. Durable, fits all styles if guns, and secures the gun against the daily movement of the horses. Would suggest it to anyone!
The problem is not with the size of the scabbard 3/16/2018
If people are having trouble getting their rifles into a scabbard of this dimensions, that should be a big wake up call. Extremely long range ballistics and accuracy are very interesting. However, the fact that we are seeing a dramatic increase of long range methods becoming more and more common on the hunting fields is sad to me. Especially when it is in the context of rifles going on horseback into our back country. The ethics of what maximum range should be can be debated all day. But I personally would question the motivations of any individual who feels it is ok to hang such excessive shooting hardware on to their horse or mule. Sorry pardner but if you are using stock, you must be a stockman first, hunter & fisherman second. There is no middle ground on that. If you wish to carry one of these rifles mounted with the Hubble telescope and turrets like old 4 wheel drive hubs on your back then have ater, your tougher than me. But consider this, you could probably buy a descent mule and dress him in Russs finest for what some of these very fine rifles cost. But then you would have to use that boring old rifle that seemed to serve you just fine until youtube told us how far real men need to shoot. We should just go hunt and if we cant get close enough then tip your hat to em. When we need computers and wind gauges to take a shot on our precious game and burden our saddle stock with outrageously sized rifles, then somethings out of whack.
- Dusty Crary, MT
to big to tite 12/2/2016
Unless you ride a draft horse or an atv and pack a bazooka this scabbard will be to big. It is also so tight that a Leopold 4.5 to 14 with a side focus on a kimber montana cant slide easily inside.
Well built, but just a little too small still. 12/3/2015
The Guardian is built well and looks great. Here is my problem. I have a Weatherby Mark V with a Night Force 5.5x25x 52 with the windage and parallax knobs. No matter how hard you push you cannot fully zip close the end. About half an inch or the recoil pad sticks out. Very disappointing since the scabbard is so nice but I cant use it with my main rifle. Hoping that TrailMax will build a scabbard that will fit a long range rifle with all the turrets in the feature.
- Ty, WA
Tough enough to hold up a tree 8/31/2015
My Son and I went on a back-country Elk Hunt in the Bob Marshall Wilderness during the 2013 season. Mother Nature threw everything at us, especially including a live, 12-inch-diameter, lodge-pole pine about 60 feet tall, which fell over 60 m.p.h. winds will do that... onto our tent the first night in camp. The tree crushed the pipe-poles holding up the heavy-duty canvas wall tent. Two rifles were in the crushed corner. When the smoke cleared, the two rifles, standing straight up, were holding the tree up about three feet off the ground. Both my Sons rifle and our guides rifle were in Trailmax Guardian Rifle Scabbard Gun Cases. Both rifles escaped damage, and test shots the next morning affirmed that zero was still zero. If anyone ever asks you how tough the Trailmax Guardian Rifle Scabbard Gun Cases are, you can tell them that two of the scabbards side-by-side are tough enough to hold up a live, 12-inch-diameter, lodge-pole pine about 60 feet tall without allowing any damage to the rifles and scopes inside the scabbards.
A. F.

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