One of the joys of our job is product testing in our beautiful Rocky Mountain. After more than 30 years of building and using horse panniers and pack bags, we feel we have the designs pretty much perfected. The biggest benefit of using pack panniers is that you do not need to know any special knots to use them. We proudly build our own Canvas and Leather Pack Saddle Panniers in our Montana leather shop.

We have also designed our own set of TrailMax certified bear-resistant, hard-sided pack panniers, which only require one shoulder screw each for the lid closures, instead of 8-10 like past models. These boxes are contoured to fit beautifully against the pack mule or horse's side, and meet all USFS and National Parks bear-resistance regulations.

Traditionally, saddle panniers have always been a one-piece bag that fits over a western riding saddle. We have been continually updating our saddle panniers to make sure they fit today's western trail saddles well, and they are extremely convenient to roll up and put behind the saddle when not being used. However, they do limit what you can carry, which is why we designed our Pack-A-Saddle System. This system will ride equally well on a western riding saddle or a pack saddle, but load like a traditional pair of pack panniers. You can also easily weigh the sides individually so that your load is balanced. Then we added a top pack that won't shift around, so you can pack just about anything you need for an overnight or weekend horseback trip.

Browse our selection of hard-sided and soft-sided horse pack panniers, pack slings, saddle panniers, pack pannier insert boxes, top packs, and rain covers below. With the exception of the WPA140 saddle panniers, all the choices below will fit a Decker or sawbuck pack saddle.

Ready to purchase a professional quality pack system, complete with a pack saddle, but aren't sure what you need? Click HERE for a list of everything you need to build a knot-free pack system that will have you on the trail in no time!

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