Decker Hooks (set of 4)

Decker Hooks (set of 4)
Item Number: WPA100
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Detailed Description

Complete set of four solid brass Decker Hooks (sometimes called Alforjas hooks). Simply loop these Decker Hooks to your pannier hanger straps to make it easier to load any pannier on your Decker Pack Saddle. Just lift and hook your pannier to your Decker Pack Saddle hoops. No more holding heavy panniers in awkward positions while trying to buckle them through the hoops.

*Note: when looping Decker Hooks to your pannier, be sure that the hooks are facing left so that the bend in the hook lays flat on the pack saddle.

Close up of Decker Hook on saddle
Decker Hooks in use on Decker Pack Saddle.
To use a Decker Hook, slide the hanger strap of your pannier through the Decker Hook so that the hook faces left. Once your panniers are equipped with Decker Hooks, loading the panniers onto your Decker Pack Saddle is a snap...just fit the hooks around the steel hoops.

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